Egg Salad Sandwiches

Most people know how to hard boil an egg, but dEgg Salad Sandwich Recipeo you know how to make egg salad out of them? This is my favorite was to eat hard boiled eggs, followed closely by deviled eggs. The egg salad is smooth and creamy thanks to Hellmann’s salad dressing. Miracle Whip will not make these taste as good, they have too many extra spices in their dressing. Trust me, go for the Hellmann’s.

What makes this recipe so fun and unique is how you chop up the eggs. My kids love making this recipe because they love “squishing” the eggs through the cookie cooling rack. Yes, I said they get to help squish eggs. This is a recipe for kids to help out with, boys and girls alike!

Start by hard boiling the eggs. Place eight raw eggs into a stock pot and fill half way with cold water. Set it onto the stove top to boil. Watch it carefully. Once it starts to boil, let the eggs boil for three minutes. Too much boiling will make the eggs turn green around the yolks, too little time, and they will have runny yolks. If using fresh eggs, they should peel easier than those eggs that might have been sitting in your refrigerator for the past month. Once they have boiled for three minutes, turn the heat off. Move the pot into the kitchen sink and start the cold water going right into the pot. Let it fill, dump most of the water out and fill it with cold water again. This will stop the eggs from cooking longer.

Now get out a big bowl and the cookie cooling rack. You do need a rack that has squares on it. This will give you the perfect cut for the eggs. Gather all the ingredients onto the counter. Now it is time to start peeling the eggs. Crack the point of the egg onto the side of your sink, on the inside! Slowly peel the shells off of the eggs. They don’t have to look pretty as you are cutting them up. Garbage disposable, throw away or save the shells for your garden. Rinse the eggs to make sure all the shells are gone and place in a bowl.

Egg Salad Step 1 - CopyEgg Salad step 2 - CopyEgg Salad step 3 - Copy





Now the fun begins. Place the cookie rack over the large bowl and start the squishing. Just take an egg and squish it through the rack into the bowl. Do all eight eggs. This is
fast and fun and will take just a minute or two.
Egg Salad step 4 - CopyEgg Salad step 5Egg Salad step 6 - Copy





Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl. Stir all the ingredients together. Now it’s just time for your sandwich. Scoop three large heaping spoonfuls of egg salad onto the first piece of bread. Cover with the second piece and cut into fourths or just in half. Growing up, our egg salad was always cut in fourths, so that’s how I do it still.


Egg Salad step 7

We use this recipe for lunch during lent on Fridays, and obviously right after Easter when we have an abundance of hard boiled eggs. Yes, this recipe is perfect for your dyed Easter eggs too.

To print off a copy of this recipe, you can get the pdf here: Egg Salad Sandwiches

Have fun with your kids in the kitchen with the recipe and let me know in the comments what they think about squishing eggs! God Bless.


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