A Countdown to Lent Project

Remember back when you were a kids and you would make paper chains to countdown the last day of school, or maybe the Advent countdown to Christmas. Well why not do a countdown to Easter by doing a nice thing every single day during the Lent season?

Today’s Lent project is a simple paper chain that you can print out, cut out and tape or staple together. You can use plain white paper, or use colored paper to have a nice pastel chain in your home.



  1. Print out the pdf attachment from here ( a-countdown-to-lent ) using white or colored paper.
  2. Have your children cut out the paper chain lengths cutting along the lines.
  3. Pick out any that will not work for your family and recycle them.
  4. Use the blank lengths at the end to add your own.
  5. Make sure you have 40 chains to continue.
  6. Start by taping or stapling one chain in a circle.
  7. Put the second paper through the first one and tape or staple it together too.
  8. Keep adding all the slips of paper until you have all 40 together in a chain.
  9. Hang it in your house somewhere for all to see.
  10. Each day of Lent rip one chain off and do the activity on the paper.
  11. There are 40 chains, so remember to not do them on Sundays.
  12. Celebrate on Easter Sunday and let your family know of all the good you have put out into the world the past 40 days.

Not every activity will work for every family. We are all different. You can remove the papers that won’t work for your family and use the blank ones at the bottom to add ones that you want to do. You can print multiple pages of the last one if you have many ideas.

Remember to have fun and let me know how it went!

God Bless.



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